About Bradford Stewart

Bradford Stewart is an abstract painter living and working in Los Angeles. As a former composer and professional musician, his artwork is inspired by contemporary jazz, ethnic and avant-garde classical music. Stewart’s paintings are specified internationally by  art consultants, designers, and architects, for high-end residential, hospitality and corporate projects. His work is recognized internationally, and is collected by individual and corporate collectors. His paintings are commissioned for specific installations and his work is used extensively in the television and film industry.

Stewart studied art at the San Francisco Art Institute and California College of Arts and Crafts. He has had many solo and group exhibitions over the past 25 years.  Stewart freely admits he has always been a nonconformist. In his first career as a composer, singer and songwriter, he held true to his diverse taste in music genres, composing music for a broad spectrum of artists and styles.  

Today, as an abstract painter, Stewart remains a maverick. While galleries have urged him to stay within a particular style, he refuses to be pigeonholed.

“I want the freedom to express myself in a variety of different ways”, asserts the artist.

Apparently, his autonomous approach is working. One of the top selling artists in L.A., people typically buy several of Stewart’s pieces at one time because his multi-faceted artwork adds character to a space, giving it a look of continuity without the appearance of one artist.

Stewart continues to pursue his interest in merging the arts, with painting, music, dance, fashion, light and projection. "Ballet In Abstract" is a 5 minute ballet video that can be viewed on the website, the first in a series of multi-disciplinary videos he has planned over the next two years, slated to be shown in museums and special venues. His interest in dance and theater began while working in San Francisco, where Stewart was commissioned by the Oakland Ballet Company, to collaborate on a large body of work based on the company's 35 year history. 15 large abstract, photographic, collage paintings were shown at the company's 35 year anniversary celebration. Currently he is planning similar projects with the several major international ballet companies. 

Although Stewart transitioned from composer to painter nearly 25 years ago, music continues to be a major influence in his life.

” Painting is a very physical process. To me, it’s very emotional. Music sets that up and keeps me in the right side of the brain,” says Stewart.

The artist gets his best inspiration from progressive, Avant Garde jazz. Some of his favorites are the high energy, dissonant sounds of classical composer Ed Bland, musicians Michael Brecker, John McLauglin, Wayne Shorter and the late John Coltrane.

Stewart has a sense of the overall feeling he wants to evoke, although he never knows how each piece is going to turn out. In fact, many of the materials he uses-acrylics, enamels, resins, polyurethane, pearlescent paints- prevent him from having total control of the outcome, leaving room for an organic process to play it's part in the overall process. After dozens of layers, washes, and mixing of materials, Stewart’s’ mostly large paintings have an organic, rich, almost 3-dimensional-quality.

All Artwork 2018 © Bradford Stewart. Protected by The Copyright Act and the provisions thereunder.