Culver City Art District

If you haven't been out to the exploding Culver City Art District lately, you might want to keep an eye on the gallery opening guides.  The art scene in Culver City is simply amazing!  Just about the time  you think there can't possibly be any more people that will show up on a Saturday night the crowds of art-goers continues to boggle the mind.  Hundreds, if not thousands of art enthusiasts from every age group and demographic, swarm the streets and galleries of the east Culver City art gallery scene.  Only a year or two ago, there were a couple of busy nights a year on gallery row.  Today, it's packed!   Apparently people read the blogs and email invites, because some Saturdays the major galleries will announce openings only days before the weekend, and the word gets out.  It's a hustling scene of every and all types, from all over the city, coming to check out the weird, the strange and the everyday art...The art of the thousands of artists in the Cultural Center of the Universe- Los Angeles.

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