Please remember that we have a standard free white glove service where we will bringing the paintings to your client’s home

By appointment, including evenings and weekends as your schedule permits.

There is no fee for the service, and no obligation whatsoever. We simply find it to be an extremely convenient way for you and your clients to

See the work in their own home, at a time most convenient for everyone. Making a decision to buy a painting is so much easier this way as appeased to

Trying to imagine what it will look like, when one is in the studio. It also saves very busy clients a trip to the studio, since basically we are bring the studio

To them, and we can easily bring as many possible options as you request. Very often a certain painting ends up looking great on a wall they hadn’t even

Thought of for art, and the more pieces they purchase, the more we can sharpen our pencil and offer additional discounts to our already deep designer discounts.

Delivery and Installation:

Should your client purchase any of the pieces, (given it’s the first visit) we can install the art on the spot saving your client even more money by avoiding additional

Art delivery and installation fees, which can easily run into the thousands of dollars, fees that most art galleries charge a premium for those services.

Picking art, from a studio or gallery and trying to guess what it might look like on their particular wall.

We are available by appointment any evening or weekend, whether it’s a studio visit or a private home presentation.

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