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Bradford Stewart Outdoor Art is a series of weather resistant paintings, created specifically for outdoor spaces. Painted on aluminum with water-based, UV protectant mediums, Stewart incorporates a mirage of materials: natural pigments, reeds, outdoor textiles, crushed glass, beads, and a multitude of pearlescent paints.  “Anything goes, as long as it withstands the elements,” says Stewart.


Stewart’s outdoor paintings are intentionally influenced by the wind, rain, and hot sun. The sun bakes and cracks the surfaces naturally, causing fascinating patterns that can resemble beautiful topographies. During the winter months, Stewart applies wet paint, that along with the rain, creates flowing organic patterns, indicative of rivers and streams. “I love hearing the different interpretations people see in the work. It’s actually half the fun”.


“With Stewart’s innovative work, the outdoor design possibilities are now limitless,” says prominent Los Angeles based landscape designer, Greg Davis.

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